Fun, Friendship, Fraternity and Family!

Like a number of other sports, Rugby is available for the over 35+ who wish to play – and enjoy – the Game they have loved for years … and in many cases, years and years!! This is not uncompromising competition but rather the means of cementing friendships and enjoying the company of some of life’s most unforgettable characters on and off the field. Rugby has created an exceptional global fraternity and this is happily inherent

New EGOR president

At the General Members Meeting during our 2024 Festival in Sevilla, Javier Blázquez Bermudo was elected as the new president of EGOR. Javi intends to remain president until the next festival 2026.

EGORF 2024 – Thank You

Thank You to all people involved – The organizers, helpers, referees, the medical staff, the girls at the bar and the catering staff, last but not least to the participants.

The 17th EGOR (European Golden Oldies Rugby) Festival was a great success. It took place in 2024 in Seville, Spain and was hosted by CD Veteranos Rugby Sevilla. The website of the festival can be found at

Please also refer to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our next festival after Sevilla

We are always looking for a club willing to host our next festival after Sevilla, in 2026. Please contact us at if you are interested and would like to know more details. Additionally, please have a look at for an application form, our laws of the game and some criteria that you should consider when hosting a festival.

Find a festival

Please refer to to the Platform for international rugby tournaments for veterans teams worldwide, where our members and others promote their events on Facebook.

Future festivals

Should your club be interested in Hosting a future EGOR (European Golden Oldies Rugby) Festival, such as the one in 2026, or a local Golden Oldies Rugby Festival, please contact us.

Find a team

If you do not have an Oldies Team but would like to create one and find out more,  email

An introduction video

During early 2015, former EGOR President – Dave McDonald – was working with three Media Students from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland making a DVD about Oldies Rugby.

Thanks go to the Placement Students –  Kirstin Gault, Ifigeneia Moutsou and Lauren Ritchie. Well Done !

World Golden Oldies Rugby Festival 2025

Visit to sign up and see details about the upcoming World Golden Oldies Rugby Festival April 6-13, 2025, in Singapore.